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We have developed, financed, engineered, constructed and currently operate many of Nigeria's renewable energy projects. Our experience across the solar value chain reduces risk while delivering more reliable, dependable and cost-effective solutions for our customers.


Programme Objectives

The overall purpose of this programme is to contribute to strengthening the conditions for investments in renew- able energy to provide modern and sustainable energy systems, including all forms of renewable energy such as solar, wind, hydro, bio (including waste-to-energy) and geothermal energy. In turn this is expected to lead to poverty reduction through increased access to affordable, reliable renewable energy and access to electricity for people living in poverty.

The Capacity Development Programme on Renewable Energy aims at creating increased knowledge and capacity of selected organisations and participants about how different energy systems solutions based on renewable energy can be developed at different levels in society, from local communities without network connections to larger plants at national macro level. The participants will share knowledge and networks and work together in Country Teams to develop and implement a common Change Project that will support change processes within the participants own organisations and areas of activity.